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Frequently asked questions about power mixers

We summarized some common questions which customers mentioned during procurement.
If you have any other questions please send to our sales manager ,they will answer you in time 


Customer ask:Do you have machine in stock ?

We answer: No.

The materials handled by different customers are different

The voltage between different countries is also different

So when you inquiry the mixer or packing machine ,our sales manager will ask you what is the raw material you want to process and what is the local voltage

After we confirm the above questions ,we will customized the machine for you

If your voltage same as China standard ,the delivery will be faster

If your voltage not same as China standard ,we also need order export standard motor ,so it will need 3-5 days longer

You can arrange procurement plan according to the above information


Customer ask:what is the machine raw material you need ?

We answer:Different standards stainless steel

Stainless steel 201;stainless steel 304;stainless steel 316,etc

Depends on your raw material or your specific requirements

Q3 :

Customer ask:How to make payment

We answer:TT transfer ,LC ,online pay


Customer ask:How to delivery

We answer:

If you have experience for importing and exporting ,you should know the Custom Clearance steps .we will send machine to your destination port then you pick up the goods from port

If you do not have experience for importing and exporting mixer machine .you do not have to worry ,we can choose suitable agent and send the machine to your address directly

You just need tell your detailed address to your sales manager


Customer ask:Will it be difficult to install the machine?

We answer:

If you buy the small powder mixer ,we can install plug for you ,you can use it after receive it

If you will buy big machine or the powder mixer which bigger than 50L ,we will leave the wire for you ,you need connect the wire with power supply directly

When there exist questions during install ,you can send the questions to us ,our technician will guidance you


Customer ask:What should I do if machine exist machine during usage

We answer:Please cut off the power immediately and send me picture

After our technician checked the concrete problems,we will reply you in time

If the spare parts broken ,we will send you spare parts to you for free within the warranty period.

If other part broken ,let us talk according to the concrete problems.

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