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send small powder mixer to Philippines

We have send a 60L powder mixer to Philippines.
The reason why customers choose us.
Firstly, it is to recognize the quality and welding technology of the machine。
secondly, it is our business manager's professional knowledge in the field of mixers

After customer receive the machine 
He had doubts about the actual capacity of the machine,
so we immediately sent the drawings to the customer and informed them of the method of measuring the volume.
The customer expressed great recognition for our service

There are two methods to detect capacity.
The first is to measure the length, diameter, and height of the two ends of the circular table, and calculate the capacity based on mathematical formulas.
The second method is to inject water into it. One liter of water is just over one kilogram, and then inject 60 kilograms of water to see if it can fit in.

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